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Nobody understands electrical safety testing better than we do. Our Applications Consulting services will help you overcome challenges and mitigate risks on the production line and in the laboratory. With our customized approach, we’ll ensure you set up a safe workstation that conforms to OSHA requirements, educate your test operators to implement best practices during product testing, and partner with you to validate your Associated Research or SCI test system.




Our Applications Consultants leverage years of applications experience to provide recommendations for increasing throughput with automation, improving your data and reporting capabilities, and keeping your employees and customers safe from electrical hazards.

Syed Abidi

Applications Leader

As the Applications Leader at Ikonix USA, I have been a respected team member since 2012. My responsibilities include managing the Applications Team as well as providing training, applications support, and consultation services for our valued customers. In my tenure with Ikonix USA, I have worked with a wide range of customers. I enjoy identifying and understanding our customer’s unique test requirements and the challenge involved in finding the right solutions for their test applications. My field experience and industry knowledge allows me to contribute to new product development and assist the Marketing Team in creating educational materials for our customers. As a member of the IEC60601 technical committee, I appreciate gaining a deeper understanding of Medical Equipment standards. My hobbies include cooking, travel, sports, music and studying nature.

Syed Abidi

Bishan Patel

Applications Engineer

As an Electrical Engineer from Georgia Tech, I am now an Application Engineer at Ikonix USA. For the past two years, I have aided customers with application-specific questions surrounding Electrical Safety Testing. This involves researching customer-specific standards to ensure proper methods of testing. I present webinars on a wide range of subject matter. When requested, I provide on-site training for pre and post-sale instrument set -up.

Bishan Patel

Anthony Arroyo

Applications Engineer

As an Applications Engineer with Ikonix USA, I help customers navigate the Electrical Safety industry. My work here has provided the opportunity to learn a variety of applications within the Engineering field. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering. In college, I received an excellent introduction to Electrical Safety Standards and Testing through my work at Underwriters Laboratories as a Lab Technician. In my free time I enjoy playing chess and traveling.

Anthony Arroyo

Josh Jyawook

Applications Consulting Business Development Specialist

As an Applications Consulting Business Development Specialist, I work closely with our domestic sales team and applications engineers. I play a pivotal role in our applications consulting service which ensures our customers’ electrical safety testing is both safe and effective. My role has allowed me to gain practical knowledge, while also providing an opportunity to continue learning about the electrical safety compliance industry. With the wealth of knowledge that my colleagues possess, I have been able to establish a foundation that I am continuously looking to build on. I am a proud graduate from the University of Evansville where I also competed on the baseball team. When I am away from work, I enjoy attending sporting events of all kinds and training Muay Thai.

Josh Jyawook


Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have at applications@ikonixusa.com or + 1-847-367-4077


“The entire Ikonix team has been great to deal with from initial presale to our training. Just having the consultant on site to see our device, our set up, and our process is well worth the service.”

Carole CalmaOperations Manager, Adaptive Sensory Tech

“We needed training on the new Hypot that we had purchased. It was helpful to have a hands-on demonstration of how to use all the different features of the new Hypot.”

Adrian BlackTraining Coordinator, PPG Aerospace

“We were able to work with Ikonix USA / Associated Research to perform a half day consultation which effectively evaluated the entire installation and setup our test equipment. In the end, this reduced risk and provided additional confidence in a highly-regulated industry. The level of knowledge that Associated Research brought to this specific piece of test equipment was invaluable.”

Tom SchultzManufacturing Engineer, Global Healthcare Business


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We will help you keep your operators and customers safe. We can help you ensure your test workstations are safe and secure. Helping you avoid costly fines, litigation, injury or even possible fatality.

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We will make sure your operators and technicians are following OSHA guidelines, employing best practices, and using proper testing protocols. Worry less about losing your safety mark, product recall or an injury to and end user.

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We will help you improve throughput on your production line, saving your organization countless hours in production testing.