On-site Training Package

Hands-on, In-Depth, Customizable

This package is designed to provide you with hands-on training for your production line or R&D lab. We offer 1-4 day on-site training at your facility to educate your team on workstation safety and proper operating procedures. Additionally, we can train your team to the precise requirements of your standard and make recommends on how to improve both safety and productivity.

90 Minute Consultation

You and our applications engineers will have an in-depth consultation to gain a full understanding of your testing application procedures, needs, and challenges.

Electrical Safety Testing Workshop

Our engineers will perform training to help your staff understand the concepts behind each electrical safety test, the importance of safety testing, and the basics of electricity.

Custom Testing Guide (Add-On) - $1000.00

Tailored directions for your product and industry requirements. This guide provides your team with step-by-step instructions for any testing setup.


Production Line Improvement
Our application engineers will assess your production line and make recommendations on how to enhance both safety and productivity.

Customized Operator Training
We will train your operators on how to safely and effectively perform your required electrical safety tests. This includes best practices and how to leverage productivity enhancing features of your instrument.

Safety Standards Analysis
Our engineers will analyze the safety standard required for testing your products to ensure each one is properly met.

Audit Survival Guide
We will provide you with documentation specific to your safety tester that will help with your next NRTL or regulatory audit.

For questions about consulting or to book your consulting package, please contact us at [email protected] or +1-847-367-4077.