Digital Packages

Online, Convenient, Customizable

Our digital packages are a great option if your team is new to electrical safety testing or needs a refresher. We will help you properly test your DUT and provide you with an update on best test methods and operator training. With our digital packages we offer a convenient online option designed to provide an easy and cost-effective training solution that will meet your team’s schedule.

Consulting on Demand Subscription - $500.00 (annual charge)

Our Consulting on Demand is designed to provide you with the tools you need to efficiently train your team as you grow or as new training requirements come up.

Consulting Starter - $2500

This is a 4 hour online training package. Our Applications Engineers will use web-based sessions to train your team on workstation safety and proper operating procedures.

Custom Testing Guide (Add-On) - $1000.00

Tailored directions for your product and industry requirements. This guide provides your team with step-by-step instructions for any testing setup.


Qualified Test Operators
Efficiently turn your untrained personnel into qualified test operators. Once finished, your test operators will receive a certificate of completion. This ensures your workstation remains safe and provides traceability for your test operator training.

Multi-level Training
Learning tracks are available for all levels of expertise. Properly train your test operators on all aspects of electrical safety testing, including test theory, safe workstation practices, and instrument operation.

Minimize Training Time
Whether you have a small team, big team, or anywhere in between, our Consulting on Demand minimizes the time it takes to train your team including getting new team members trained faster.

Improve Safety Knowledge
Familiarize yourself with all the capabilities of your Ikonix instrument. Learn how to test more efficiently, properly analyze test results and maintain best test practices.

Our annual subscription model provides the learning tracks you need to keep your test operators qualified, ensuring that your workstation remains safe and that best practices are employed. Efficiently train your team with our annual subscription package, Consulting on Demand.

We can train your team to the precise requirements of your standard and make recommends on how to improve both safety and productivity.

Customized Digital Package
90 Minute Consultation. You and our applications engineers will have an in-depth consultation to gain a full understanding of your testing application procedures, needs, and challenges.

Customized Online Training
Our team will conduct a live webinar specifically for your needs. This could include equipment functionality, proper testing procedures, and operator safety.

Safety Standards Analysis
Our engineers will analyze the safety standard required for testing your products to ensure each one is properly met.

Audit Survival Guide
We will provide you with documentation specific to your safety tester that will help you with your next NRTL or regulatory audit.

For questions about consulting or to book your consulting package, please contact us at [email protected] or +1-847-367-4077.