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Attention! We currently have a 5 business day turnaround time for Calibration and Repair.

You may request a return authorization using a credit card by calling 1-847-367-4671. We are not currently able to accept credit card information via our online form.

Do not include any accessories (ex. test leads, probes) with your product when sending your instrument in to us. Ikonix is not responsible for any lost accessories.

Save your instrument settings before sending in your tester. Ikonix can not guarantee instruments will be returned with their programmed settings.



What kind of RMA

Purchase Order

You will be required to upload a purchase order to complete this form and have established credit terms with Ikonix USA, in order to use this online form.

The P.0. is required to include in the PO bill to, collect number, and ship to information in order for the RMA to be processed.
Accepted file types: pdf

Instrument Information

As part of our Customer Happiness promise, Ikonix will continue to support legacy APT firmware. If a firmware update is required, we will automatically convert your power source to the EEC firmware as well as change the overlay and any other items/components referencing APT. This is done in effort to ensure you receive the highest quality of product and service.
If your OMNIA Series 8206, 8256, 8207 or 8257 is out of warranty, you will be charged the flat rate repair price of $1340 unless there is damage to the leakage current board. Repair damage to the leakage current board will incur another $1550 fee per the cost of this board. If you are charged for a flat rate repair and there is damage to the leakage current board, the total cost of the repairs will be $2890.

Standard Calibrations does not include data.

By checking this box you are giving approval to calibrate and repair your instrument if necessary. Repairs can incur additional costs. If repairs are necessary we will reach out to you directly so payment information can be updated. This allows us to service your instrument as quickly as possible. You can find our repair prices here.

Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif

By checking this box you are giving approval for Ikonix to attempt an adjustment to bring the instrument back within the manufacturer’s tolerance limits, if the instrument is found to be out of tolerance. There will be no additional cost for this service.

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Standard RMA Terms & Conditions  

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We're committed to responsible manufacturing processes and environmental sustainability. We've removed all foam packaging in our service boxes, our new packaging is now made from 100% paper recyclable materials.