Two Power Supplies - No Problem!

You manufacture a dual power supply server and according to the 62368 Standard,
you need to Hipot test each power supply.

Two Power Supplies - Problem IconTwo Power Supplies - Problem Icon

There is no easy way to test both power supplies in a time efficient manner. Most set-ups require production line operators to test each power supply manually. This is a time consuming and tedious process that wastes resources. Additionally, it is not the safest test method nor is there a 100% certainty that each power supply is properly tested with every DUT (device under test) on the production line.

Two Power Supplies - Solution IconTwo Power Supplies - Solution Icon

We have engineered the optimal way to increase efficiency and throughput on your production floor. By Utilizing the HypotULTRA®, the SC650 HGS Multiplexer, and by incorporating Autoware®3 software, you are able to test both power supplies from a single Associated Research test setup. This provides a more efficient and safer way to test. We have found that manufacturers who implement this type of system see immediate improvements in throughput by shaving precious time from their test routine. One of our manufacturer’s shaved 30 seconds off each product tested, saving 8 hours a day in production time. Reducing the amount of operator interaction is a good way to ensure the integrity of your testing while at the same time increasing the safety of your test station.

The majority of manufacturers we work with are collecting test data to support their testing and help troubleshoot DUTs that fail. It is a good practice and this test system will help you capture critical test data with corresponding model and serial numbers automatically.

Two Power Supplies - Test Setup Two Power Supplies - Test Setup

Improve your test setup with the diagram