Applications Consulting / 1 Day
March 2019

A large motorized pump manufacturer was looking for training on the functionality on their Associated Research testers while also looking to define a standard operating procedure. Turnover in the company was slowly diminishing their Hipot experience and we were enlisted to train staff and recommend improvements. They are running Continuity, Ground Bond, Hipot and Functional Run tests. They have a variety of instruments at their facility including 8100s, 8200s, 620Ls, and 7804s. Many of their instruments were close to discontinuation/unsupported, recommendations on a standard test system were made. An analysis of standards UL 778 and CSA C22.2 No. 108-14 were done to verify proper tests were being performed.

Consulting Visit

A group of 20 operators and quality personnel were given training on the basics of electrical safety testing as well as hands-on functional training on how to perform a test. This manufacturer has a unique application where leakage testing is not necessary but their functional run test draws more than the 15A the Associated Research OMNIA® II can handle. Because of this, they were needed to use 620Ls strictly for functional run. They also Hipot tested their 3-phase motors with a custom relay box they created. We were able to recommend an out-of-the-box solution which would eliminate the user error they were experiencing. Once test procedures were understood we progressed to training on safe workstation best practices.


  • Basics of Electrical Safety Testing/Safe Work Station
  • UL 778 & C22.2 No. 108-14
  • Setup and Programming of OMNIA II/620L
  • Proper Test Equipment Operations
  • Performing EST Tests on motorized pumps
  • Train Operators and Staff with Safe Workstation Practices
  • What to Avoid When Testing

Consulting Notes

While reviewing the standards this customer tested to, we discovered that a Ground Bond test was not necessary, nor was leakage current tests for manufacturing. Their testing consisted of a DC Continuity test, followed by a Ground Bond Test and finally, an AC Withstand test with Continuity turned on. Fundamentally, they were testing the ground circuit 3 different times. We explained options on how to avoid redundancies and showed them an example of a qualified operating procedure which was written for someone with little previous experience to follow and successfully accomplish. Once all trainings were accomplished the class took a group test together to ensure content was being retained.