Our DIGITAL PACKAGE is a great option if you are new to electrical safety testing. We will help you properly test your DUT or provide you with a refresher on best test methods and operator training. With our digital Package, we offer a convenient online format designed to provide a easy and cost effective training solution that will meet your team’s demanding schedule.

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90 Minute Consultation

We will deep dive into your requirements – so we can get an in-depth understanding of your testing application procedures, needs, and challenges. This consult will provide the foundation for your customized webinar.

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Customized Online Training

We will create a personalized webinar specifically for your needs to help you better understand how to optimize your electrical safety testing. This includes proper testing procedures and areas for improvement. Your webinar will be archived and available for future playback. You can also have multiple employees attend the webinar.

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Safety Standards Analysis

We will analyze the safety standard to which you are testing your products and make sure every area of the requirements for electrical safety testing are covered.

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Audit Survival Guide

We will provide you with documentation specific to your Associated Research or SCI Electrical Safety Tester that will allow you ace your next audit.

Custom Online Electrical Safety and Operator Training

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Custom Testing Guide (Add-On)

We will develop a customized step-by-step testing guide for your application. We will show you the best methods to perform your testing including how to connect your testing instrument and how to establish the appropriate test parameters.

Professional Package


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We will help you keep your operators and customers safe. We can help you ensure your test workstations are safe and secure. Helping you avoid costly fines, litigation, injury or even possible fatality.

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We will make sure your operators and technicians are following OSHA guidelines, employing best practices, and using proper testing protocols. Worry less about losing your safety mark, product recall or an injury to and end user.

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We will help you improve throughput on your production line, saving your organization countless hours in production testing.